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GPS track problems with 998

I've recently been having issues with the GPS track on my old 998.  It's an older unit....but it's basically only used for mapping now.   

The problem is the track that displays doesn't show where I've actually gone, instead it basically shows point to point where it must have pinged last to where I am at that time?   

I have the time interval set to 1 second....anything else to check or is it probably just shot?


The older core units were notorious for weird GPS issues if the current track was allowed to continue to the point of reaching the maximum track point capacity  (50,000 track points IIRC) ... in which case the unit starts overwriting older track points in the current track  ...

If the track is important for future fishing - it might be a good idea to save the current track and then delete current track  ...

This allows access to the saved track in the Waypoints Routes Tracks Menu under the Nav tab  ...

And also allows the unit GPS to function with a new current track  ...


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