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Frankenstein 997/898


I have a bad 898 with a good screen and a good 997 with a good screen. Can I swap out the circuit board to the body donor 898? Everything looks the same.

I tried the same idea with a 1198 and a 1199  ... the quick connect plugs into the mother board were different  ... obviously a design change between those 2 models

There’s really no way to know if the orientation of the quick connect plugs are the same until you pop open the cases and inspect  ...

I would suggest remove all the case screws and then pop open the same edge of both units to peek inside and see if the quick connect plugs look the same  ...

If you get to the point where all the quick connect plugs look the same as oriented in connecting to the motherboard - I, personally would try it  ...


Thanks, Rickie. I have two working 1198s, a 998, and these two are extras anyway. I know the 898 has a slightly smaller screen, but the housing is the same. Not sure if it works that the view won’t be distorted, but as the 997 screen is currently damaged, it’s not like I am loosing anything.

The 997 is leaking the sealant located between the glass and screen. It is running out of the gray gasket and is very sticky. I was thinking about trying to inject a replacement silicone there but still have a seal issue. Not sure what might be compatible anyway… I will see if an easy internal swap is available first.

I’ll keep you posted. Honestly, I have seen very few examples of the inside of a unit. I have opened up the 898 trying to figure out where the processor is so I can swap it.

Frankenstein was a success. 898 screen, buttons, housing, and card reader with 997 circuit board.

Also, some of the quick connect plugs were different (tv out etc) but power, gps, transducer all matched up.


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