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GPS Disappeared!!


Papa D:
I just purchased a used boat that came with a Humminbird 898c si Sonar/GPS combo at the console. However, when I power up the unit and go to the ďMenuĒ nothing comes up at all about the GPS. Iíve tried going through the Menu, Views and resetting to the factory defaults but nothing at all about the GPS. I understand it is an older obsolete unit, (And so am I!) but itís weird that nothing cumes up at all on the menu. Do you have any suggestions?? It also came with a Humminbird 788 ci HD on the bow which appears to be working fine.

xx8 and older units require an external GPS puck antenna  ...

Is there one on the boat somewhere  ... and which unit is the GPS puck connected to  ... ??


Papa D:
Thank you so much for the reply, Yes there is an external antennae, however it turns out that it was networked with the 788ci on the bow and one of the outlets in the "Link" box had gone bad. Once I switched the plugs around it all worked. Thanks again!!


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