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997C SI transducer decaying?


Question for those who have been using HB SI for many years, or who tech wise.

How long do you think the transducer or the head unit can last? I'm just wondering is my HB 997SI or my Transducer (cable?) which I have been using for many years with good result are beginning to decay somewhat which results in lower resolution or worse side scan sonar data and picture. Or is it just differences that you can expect working this technology in the ocean?

Piezoes in the transducer vibrate to creat the sound pulse  ...

Vibration is mechanical energy  ...

Therefore, piezoes can deteriorate over time  ...

Only testing with a known good transducer can determine if there is a difference  ...


Exactly... thats a good point.. maybe I need to change my transducer to get better results again.


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