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Helix units compatible w/ 1199 settings


Hi -
I'm looking to buy a Helix Model (preferably the Helix 7 generation), and am in need of a unit that can be set to the 1199 settings, or whose files can be converted to those settings. From what I understand not all models are capable of this, so I'm hoping someone can offer insight into which ones can.

Thank you!

Please describe a little more of what you’re trying to accomplish so readers understand your intended use  ...


I intend to process large batches of sonar data, but most of the processing software was created for older units, specifically those with the 1199 settings.
I've be told certain models can be "converted" to the 1199 settings, and I'm wondering if anyone knows specifically which ones can do that.


If you talk about the recording files, they all should be compatible because the header is dynamic. If a sw failed to read it it's misprogrammed.
What sw do you use and what do you want to do whit that data?


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