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997c keeps going to loading screen and no GPS


So,  I'm have a problem that I hope someone has had before that can help me out.  I have a 997c on the bow with no gps puck and another 997c at the console with a gps puck attached.  A month ago while fishing my gps quit so I swapped head units and still no gps.  I ordered a new puck figuring that I had isolated the problem but when I installed the new puck I still have no gps with either head unit.  While I was waiting for the new puck I downloaded and installed the latest software because they told me I had to for the new puck to work.  I now have no gps and only at the console no matter what head unit I have they work(no gps) but after about a minute both units keep going back to the loading and then the screen that I have to hit exit.  I'm now thinking maybe I have a power problem at the console because both units work on the bow with no puck attached.  Does anyone have any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!

If the units work on the bow power cable but not on the console power cable - it sounds like the console power cable is damaged or not making a good connection (at one end of the cable or the other end of the cable)  ...


Mark Saikaley:
I spent an entire fishing weekend convinced my GPS was inoperational as it was connected to the back of my 997 CSI  never realizing that there was a second connection under my console that had come unplugged when someone pulled a life jacket from that area which pull the extension apart.  I had a y cable to supply GPS coordinates to my marine radio and forgot about the second connection. This doesnt sound like your issue but maybe it will help someone avoid a weekend of frustration or at least makes someone's day with a good chuckle. By the way I had gotten a new GPS and went through the trouble of drilling a new hole to install the new GPS in a more ideal location then the current GPS, one and wasnt until I was ready to reconnect the newly installed one that I discovered the y cable!


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