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Solix not recording Mega 360

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Hi all,

Having an issue with my Solix and Mega 360 in that it won't record the 360.

Solix 15 MSI+ G3 Software Version 4.0.70.(06/09/22 19:23)
Mega 360 Imaging V1.070

The 360 works fine, and recording SI is no problem but if I try to record just 360, the "start recording" button does nothing and just stays there. If I select SI and 360 it appears to start recording but then reviewing the recorded files, there is no 360 data.

Anyone got any ideas?

Send me your recordings with at least one full 360 turn. I'll look into it and if the angle value is stored in the files I would implement a 360 view in HummSucker.


There isn't a recording to send to you. That's the problem.

It only records when in SI or DI mode - it's not recording any 360 data. In the recordings list there is no indicator in the 360 column.

If I try to record a 360 file only, the recording never starts at all.

It should be possible.
Found this
It's only SI but maybe the angles are saved in the xxx2 and xxx3 son files.
Could you record SI if using 360?

See if anything here helps  ...



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