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XT-6-24 Transducer Humminbird 405SX


Hey, I'm new to the forum with an upgrade question. I have an old (2007) Humminbird 405sx 200 kHz, single-beam fishfinder I use as a sounder on my bridge. It works but I want to replace it as the screen has seen better days, color would be nice. However I do not want to try and replace the XT-6-24 transducer as the boat is a 43 foot Sportfisher and I believe the transducer is a through-hull. Is there a newer Humminbird that uses the same transducer? The only one I see if the Wide 100 but that is the same era and not a color screen.


Internet Search for “Humminbird AD 926 adapter cable”  ...

HB no longer carries this but some online marine dealers may have one  ...

It will allow you to connect your transducer (number 6 - two pin) to a newer HB core 2d unit (number 9 connector)  ... (even the current line core unit HELIX products have an option to shut off CHIRP and transmit fixed frequency 200kHz - its simply a matter of matching the head unit transmit signal to the xducer piezo capability)   ...

Note: AD 926 indicates “ADapter” of 9 - 2 - 6  ... (number 9 to number 6)  ...

(The number designation is not pin count but HB cable end “connector shape” - in HB terms) ..


That is terrific info Rickie, thanks so much. I went to Humminbird online support and they just said the transducer didn't work with other units. Off to find the adaptor, cheers John


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