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AutoChart License deactivated - Wont work on same PC ?



i run Autochart Pro on my MacBook (Bootcamp).
The last days it doesnt work well, so i decided to reinstall Windows.
I was not sure about the license , so i thought i deactivate it and activate after reinstall all again.
The Problem is, it wont work. Computer says that the License is deactivated on this Computer.

I dont wan´t to buy a new one  :(
I deleted the Johnson Outdoor part in my registry but that doesnt help.
Any Ideas ?

My English is not the best, thats maybe the reason why i deactivated it   :D

Thanks for your Help.

Greetings from Germany

Hi Nexsim

Welcome to the forum :)

I know the problem from DrDepth, because you can no longer reactivate the software on the same computer. I think that the server you have to log on to recognizes the IP address and prevents reactivation. Contact the hotline, explain your problem, they can then release your computer again.
The next time Autochart Pro do not deactivate before a system update, it should then simply be possible to activate it again.


Hi Rüdiger, thanks for the welcome 👍

Thats what i thought… Thank you for your help.
I wrote them yesterday, but i think i have to wait for the next year.. too Bad.

I Never Hit That Button again, Coast me yesterday many hours 😂

Thanks 👍


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