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As the new (somewhat overwhelmed) owner of a Solix 10, I have a few questions that I'm hoping existing owners can help me with.

Being much more complex than my old 997 & 999, it's going to take some learning. Like many modern tech devices, it seems that to get the stuff you want, you have to buy a ton of stuff you neither want nor need. That said, I am working my way through the user manual but it's pretty heavy going.
As the xducer install instructions warned against "air pinging", after the install I took a quick trip to the lake and did the initial start up. I would like to get it somewhat dialed in before taking it out next, so my only option for that right now is to do it at home except ..... I can't run it dry, or so the air pinging warning would imply..
Am I right in thinking the xducer doesn't actually ping in demo mode?
If I run it in demo mode and make setting changes, will the settings remain?
Is this "air pinging" really a thing.... I assume it is if they specifically say not to?
How voltage sensitive is the unit..... what's the minimum volts it needs to run properly? Just sitting at the dock with the engine off, it seemed like it pulled the battery down pretty quick.
I cannot find mention of how to turn off the RTS on the right side of the screen..... can it be turned off? I really hope so!

These may seem like pretty asinine questions but I really don't want to screw this up.

In addition to the above, any other comments, tips or advice would be welcome.
Thanks, W

Correct, the transmitters are not “pinging” the xducer in demo (or Simulation as it’s called in SOLIX)  ...

While it won’t hurt the xducer to operate out of water for a short time, it’s not recommend for extended periods  ...

Any settings made in Simulation will be retained for Normal operation  ...

Humminbird units are sensitive to low voltage (unusual unexplained operations are a symptom of low voltage - especially in charting and GPS function)  ...

To turn off RTS in Sonar or DI -

*Press Menu one time to open the Xpress Menu (or touch top left of screen)
*Then Sonar Options near the bottom
*Then Preferences
*Then RTS Window




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