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Using 898c si for ice fishing


Anyone ever use there 898 si for ice fishing, was wondering if it is possible. I know the side image would not work with no movement, but I figured the down image should. Any help would be great

DI in the 898 is a computer generated rendering from the data received by the SI piezoes (no DI piezo)  ...

Therefore DI also needs movement to create the DI image  ...

2d should work fine not moving  ...


D S:
are there not transducers with a dedicated DI piezo?...if so do they have to be moving as well to work?

ONIX, SOLIX, APEX, HELIX G2N, G3N, G4N in 8 and larger have a dedicated DI piezoe  ...

DI is wide (side to side) and narrow (front to back) and needs movement to create a discern-able image  ...

A stationary DI will show targets as horizontal lines across the screen (because the beam is repeatedly hitting the same target over and over)  ...



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