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GPS Internal Receivers Not Working


old humminbirds:
I have four Humminbird units 798CI SI, (two) 788CI HD, and 788CI. All are combo units. Does anybody know if there is there an external GPS puck that can be used and hooked up to all of these units?

the gps and gps HS would work with them , with a y cable and to use it from all your units you need them networked

old humminbirds:
The only two units I know can be networked are the 788CI HD's. The only way to network the 798CI SI and the 788CI is using interlink. I bought a used interlink and I cannot get it to work (I think it's a bad unit). So the only way I can use an external link is to buy three. One for 798, one for 788, and one for the two 788CI HD's. Am I understanding that correctly?

this is going to cost $$, maybe you should look into getting helixes with internal gps


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