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788ciHD - How to hide a group of tracks?


Like many, I have tons of tracks and waypoints.
To reduce clutter, I have created a "WP" group for waypoints and a "track" group for tracks.
I then moved all my waypoints and tracks to their group.
So far, so good.

Now if I want to hide my waypoints, I go to edit group, "WP" and make it "not-visible".
However, if I try to do the same for the "tracks" group it doesn't work.
I have also tried go inside the group and "select-all" then"hide".

Is there no way to hide a group of tracks?

Can you make hidden an individual track  ...??


I can hide an individual track inside or outside the group.
It's as if the group "hide" feature does not work when it contains tracks.

I will go find someone that may be able to help with your question  ...

Hang tight  ...



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