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I wanted to welcome everyone to the Humminbird Forums.  I hope everyone will take a look around and check out some of the cool new features.  I wanted a place for members to come and have their own personal place to post images, chat with friends and just hangout. 

The main goal of the forum is to discuss Humminbird Side Imaging Sonar, but I am willing to add other groups down in the Other Interest section at the bottom of the forum.  You will also notice I have set up a personal pages section.  This will be open to Charter Members who wish to have their own forum space.  You can have it open to the public or moderate it and decide who can post in your pages.

Here are a few of the added features I have installed:

Dedicated Image Gallery
Customizeable Profile
YouTube Videos in Post
Full Image View in Post (no thumbnails)
PDF and TXT file upload to post
Calendar and Event List
Chat Room
Member Map
Lots of New Forum categories
and more....

I hope you guys enjoy the forum and look forward to seeing you here.


Robert Gecy

Hey Bro,

Congratulation the forum looks very nice!!!!

All the best,


Looks great, I like the idea of the ROV section!


I have been pretty busy getting the site up and running, but when I have some a few minutes I will post some images of the ROV I built a few years ago.

Welcome to the forum!


Hey RGecy, Great looking site. Can't wait to see the blanks start to fill in. Also did I read some place that you are putting a second transducer on your boat. I think you will love it. I had to put a second on my deep V, as I couldn't  get a clear shot to the left no matter what I did. With dual ducers I'm getting good not great but good SI at up 20 mph and great at under 10 mph. Second best thing I have put on the boat, first was the 987. Thanks for the great site Frank


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