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A little disappointed
« on: June 07, 2017, 12:22:50 PM »
Well, I've had my Helix 12 Mega SI G2N installed and running for nearly two months now.  And I must say, I'm a little disappointed.  Figured I'd post my thoughts and see what others have to say or might suggest.

First off, this unit replaced the 1199 which was at my console and is now at the bow.  Overall I've been really happy with the 1198 and 1199 units that I had before I got the Helix 12.

Let me start by laying out what I like about it

-New screen is really bright and wide.  No dead pixels!
-New transducer has a dedicated DI element.  One of the main reasons I bought it
-I've got some new screen options like chart + sonar and side stacked - Thumbs up!
-The aesthetics - This is a good looking unit
-Simpler connections - 1 plug connects everything!
-Quicker scrolling with the Dpad
-Mega SI seems to generate clearer images
-Standby power feature - Awesome!
-#11 on the SI/DI Color palette
- The new plug/cable collector.  Really easy to connect

-Medium/High frequency sonar setting seems to create very blocky sonar returns
-Down imaging...just doesn't seem to produce good clear images.  With the dedicated DI element I expected much, much better and hoped it would be on par with competitors, but it just isn't.  This was my main reasoning for purchase and my biggest disappointment
-Shoddy software releases - This has been an issue for a long time, but as an IT professional, I'm really disappointed at how poor the QA seems to be on software releases.  I don't expect things to be perfect, but some things just shouldn't be missed.
-Weight of the unit.  This thing is twice the weight of my 1199 I'd guess.  Be extremely careful when putting the unit in the Gimble mount.  If you take your hands off of it, it will rotate and fall out of the Gimble mount before you can cinch the thumb screws down
-#1 on the SI/DI color palette...what did you do to my blue?  its not the same. Spent the last two days using the "new" blue.  I think I actually may like it better now that I've spent more time with it.
-Loss of bottom in soft bottom, shallow water and telling me the water is twice the actual depth especially in shallow water.  I've tried tweaking the sensitivity but no luck
-In shallow water, on the left SI side, the bottom edge isn't crisp.  I'm thinking this is likely a problem with the left SI element placement/angle inside of the transducer.  I've probably got a weak lobe in the beam from an improperly aligned element and Humminbird will likely replace the transducer but I haven't reached out to them yet on that.

I'm sure there are some other good things I forgot about and some other bad things.  But really, my main disappointment is with the DI.  I'm really disappointed in that.

Just thought I'd share and see what others experience has been.


P.S. - Sorry for the horrible photography.  But here is a pic of what I was referring to regarding the soft edge on the left side.

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Re: A little disappointed
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2017, 01:21:28 PM »
Can you post some images of the DI you are getting ..... most people have been very happy with it.
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Re: A little disappointed
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2017, 12:20:50 PM »
I will add to the list of likes and dislikes, otherwise I concur or I have something new or a different opinion (I have a 997 SI and its still fully installed on the boat)

mega Side imaging much improved. I love it My images match the demos
down imagine much improved. I didn't used to see any vegetation such as weeds but now I do and I see more detail on structure such as branches etc. Generally Im getting images like the demos. Its not consistent but much better.  I find the side imaging so good that I use that more than the down imaging so far
I concur with the rest. of the likes
Like the ipilot link and one of the main reasons I upgraded, however  see dislike for issues with it)

yes the blue isn't as nice. I pretty much just use the default amber and I don't thin any other colours compare in detail. I preferred the amber on the 997 also however
reliability is an issue . Im getting freezing and am having issues with my zero lines cards not updating (ie not able to store data on them) as they become corrupted. 2 have become useless now just from using it in the unit and nothing else. Im calling support on this tomorrow
this impacts my desire to use the newly created charts with ipilot as we have to chart lakes in Canada to be able to follow contours since Lakemaster doesnt have Canada Lakes for most of the country and not my area. So I really need the mapping to work not to mentions the several hundred dollars and hours Ive invested in trying to create the maps and encountering the critical errors.

I think Im having the same issue you described with the left side of the side imaging

My experience and ad an IT expert as well says this product was not yet ready for production and is still in beta

Im not used to the chirp as I get lots of blobs and not the fish arches I used to get. Also the CHIRP seems to be messing up on reading the bottom as its detecting my downrigger balls as bottom instead most of the time regardless of the depth of the DR or bottom depth or sensitivity. When I use my 997 I aways get the bottom vs the dr balls.

I hadn't turned off the chirp at the time as I didn't come across that switch on the menu when I was looking for it but its the only thing I can think of unless its the software. Its not the transducer as I tried my 2d high speed xducer as well on both the Helix and the 997 and the 997 read bottom with its original xducer and the high speed whereas the helix didn't read the bottom with its original or the 2d  and returns the down rigger depths instead. So its the units not the xducer

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Re: A little disappointed
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2017, 06:51:03 PM »
Here are some down image shots with my Helix 10 Mega without any special settings. I included some side image shots of the same structures for perspective, there are two different structures scanned. Im not sure what more one wants from down images. I m pretty blown away actually

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