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Unit doesn't see waypoints or recordings on SD card.
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:38:32 PM »
I can no longer view my waypoints or recordings on my unit via SD card.
I have read thru this site, used 15yrs PC experience and even called HB but alas I’m a broken man and need some fresh eyes.

I have 3 recordings loaded into Humviewer and successfully marked 23 waypoints.
All waypoints were exported from HV into a GPX file and then imported into HumminbirdPC.  They are all clearly visible in HBPC under the PC icon.

I then used the green arrow in HBPC to upload the waypoints from there to the SD card.

To get the recording onto the SD card I open it via Windows folder and drop/drag the .DAT files.

I boot my unit in Normal mode but nothing is visible.  My Recording View says “No Images Found”.

My unsuccessful attempts to fix the issues are as follows:

1- Reformatted my SD card.  Once as a Quick Format in Windows.
After reading a post I unchecked the Quick Format box and reformatted directly in HBPC.

2-Delete all GPX files in HBPC to start fresh.  Re-export all waypoints from HV.  Import again to HBPC and then upload to SD card.

3-Boot in Simulation mode.  Still “No Images Found”.

4-Make sure SD card is unlocked.

5-Open the SD card via Windows.  Verify my Matrix folder is present.  Had 3 .ht files and a DATA.HWR file.

6- I click on the SD card icon in HBPC and click on the blue “Display Navigation Data” button it shows 19 waypoints.

7- I added the recording folders with .IDX and .SON files to the SD card to see if the unit would recognize them.  No luck (Is it correct to say:  HV used .DAT files to view;  HBPC used .IDX and .SON to view recordings on unit?)

More info:
Software 6.460. Its is the software that came with the unit and nothing has been changed.  I previously was able to see view all 3 recordings on the unit and 8 waypoints.    I have no idea how I lost them all.  That is when I decided to officially Format the SD card thru HBPC.
The 23 waypoints are all visible in Google Earth via HV.
I have the unit hooked up in my house on a 12V battery.
I do not want to keep waypoints on my unit so I’ve deleted them.  I would like to keep them organized in HBPC and my SD card only. 
When I go to my Waypoints, Routes, Tracks menu on the unit I can see 1 GPS track and the 4 waypoints that correspond.  I read its safe to plug in my transducer while not in the water.  If I plug it in will it give me a GPS location by which I could GoTo 1 of the 4 waypoints?  That would be a start.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

EDIT:  I tried this via HB Gregs post and I can now see ALL waypoints!
"Try powering your unit on before you install the SD card and see if you get a message to load the waypoint data."

2nd EDIT:
Got the videos too! Thanks to post from sonar2000 Chuck.  I needed to drag the whole "Record" folder onto the SD card b/c it contains multiple files:
"1) profile
If you look at the RECORD there will be 2 files. Or more is you have multiple recordings.
File 1 is  some thing like R000023.dat The other file is a record R00023.
If you look at the record file (R00023)  it will contain 6 files. B001.idx and B001.son thru B003.idx and B003.son"

Oh Humminbird, 5 hours later for a few simple tasks. Steve Jobs would roll over in his grave.
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Re: Unit doesn't see waypoints or recordings on SD card.
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2013, 09:02:52 PM »
Sounds like you got the handle on it.

I will add this:
Since you are introducing "third-party waypoints" into HumminbirdPC, you need to verify that all these waypoints have a date in the date-field in HBPC.  The .GPX file will become corrupt if any waypoint does not have a date and is blank.

If you have create a waypoint with a blank date-field, the easiest solution is to upload the .GPX file to a SD-card, then just download the SD-card back into HBPC which will correct the waypoints.
The HBPC date-field cannot be edited.

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Re: Unit doesn't see waypoints or recordings on SD card.
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2013, 09:55:58 PM »
wow the rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper. thanks for the tip and work around gazoo. luckily all my points have a date embedded.
looks like i'm going to have to be proactive and spend a few hours reading the site search results for 'corrupt'.
my wish list for today:
HB fires half of their 'IT department' and hires guys from this site

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