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Other 3rd Party Software / Re: Humviewer image distortion?
« Last post by EzyEric on Today at 10:23:50 AM »
I have this issue often.  It seems depth and boat speed play a factor in how the data is displayed in HumViewer.  I do not know if Chart Speed affects recordings though.  Try right clicking and cropping to a higher depth to get a less stretched view (but smaller). When this happens I often use the other side viewing software like DeepView FV.
I think you must have purchased the special edition in support of cancer cures
Thats concerning info. Thanks for the heads up. Still several months before i get to launch. Hope they correct that with am emergency update or something. I was eager to read your update as i figure it was good news so didnt expect backward steps
Just wanted to add an update to this thread that after applying the 1.610 update, the poor DI performance is either no better or is worse than it was at 1.54.  Additionally, now the 2D is blocky and pixelated.  I'm seriously thinking about returning to 1.46 at the loss of the Chart/SI/DI view.  Which is OK as I've added a third unit (Helix 7 DI G2N) to the mix for mapping.

I don't know where Humminbird software is being developed, but I suspect India.  Having personal experience with Indian developers, I can certainly empathize with the challenges that poses.  However, QA should catch this stuff.  It is almost like their source control process is no good.  As old bugs seem to make their way back into new releases.
General Discussion / looking at videos recorded on my 899
« Last post by bflippen on Today at 08:17:22 AM »
How do i see images and videos on my pc recorded on my 899
Fishing / Re: Any Perch fisherman on here?
« Last post by October1 on Yesterday at 08:57:40 PM »
Thank you fshndude. I will check it out. 8)
Helix Series Units / Helix 7 DI G2N and Helix 12 Mega SI G2N - Issues
« Last post by Whistler on Yesterday at 06:24:42 PM »
Both units are running the latest version of code 1.610.

I've got the two systems communicating and working via Ethernet network. The Helix 7 is just intended for mapping and occasional DI no transducer is directly connected. It is getting sonar info from the Helix 12 via Ethernet. For the most part, things are working OK but I have noticed a couple of issues and was wondering if others are seeing this and also wondering if Humminbird is working on a fix for this.

Issue #1
2d Sonar looks like garbage on both the 7 and natively on the 12. The sonar is very blocky or pixelated. I noticed this on a previous version of the software and was able to eliminate it by disabling chirp or setting the 2D sonar frequency to High. I don't remember which of those worked, but I've tried both along with many variation on the updated version but I can't eliminate it any longer.

Issue #2
Disabling views on the Helix 7 unit (the slave unit) doesn't really disable the view. Its seems that any 2d, SI, or DI view that the master unit (Helix 12) has visible, shows on the Helix 7 slave unit regardless of whether or not the view is marked as hidden on the Helix 7 unit.

Anyone else seeing these two problems?
Lakemaster AutoChart / Re: Looking to record to ZL card and blank SD.
« Last post by fshndude on Yesterday at 05:21:52 PM »
Nope and I sure hope I gave you good information.
Lakemaster AutoChart / Re: Looking to record to ZL card and blank SD.
« Last post by Reelcrazy on Yesterday at 04:40:35 PM »
Awesome thank you I wasn’t sure if both could be done at once. I plan on uploading the Sonar logs daily. Did you notice that recording to two cards slowed the unit down?
Helix Series Units / Re: help HELIX 9 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G2N
« Last post by rnvinc on Yesterday at 04:32:42 PM »
Have you tried Restore Defaults  ...??

Is there another unit running at the same time  ...??

Do you have any screenshots in deeper water  ...??

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