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unknown objects DI
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Posted by tmx
Apr 24, 2011
unknown objects SI
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Posted by tmx
Apr 24, 2011
Wrecks of 1956
Year of the wreck: 1956
Shipwreck size: 45m  (147 ft)
Deep: 28m  (91 ft)
Load wood
Victims no
Location: Florianópolis - South American - Brazil
Salt Water
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Posted by sss_floripa
Feb 10, 2011
Langham Keweenaw Peninsula Upper Michigan
We are filming shipwrecks for our "CQD Shipwreck Series"  This is our first scan of the wreck Langham which will be included in Volume II.  We hope to begin diving and filming the wreck this July.
See for more details.
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Posted by MBHladilek
Jul 13, 2010
D/S Martha
Steam freighter Martha in Kongsfjord Norway. This is my first SI at the scene, hope to get better stuff later but however quite happy with the outcome considering the depth.
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Posted by TeddyDiver
May 23, 2010
196 feet
I originally thought that this was the lost steam yacht of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Only known wreck of 70 feet plus length on the Lake. However, Humviewer shows it as 52 metres in length! Whatever it is, it shouldn't be here.
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Posted by IRC Kevin
Oct 29, 2009
Windermere 17 racing yacht.
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Posted by IRC Kevin
Oct 29, 2009
26' cruiser snapshot
This is the Humminbird snapshot of the previous target, which is a bit clearer than the Si View shot.
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Posted by IRC Kevin
Aug 14, 2009
possible 26' motor cruiser
Close up from Si View, which gives length as 26'. (depth just over 100')
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Posted by IRC Kevin
Aug 10, 2009
Section from Si View
Reviewing a recording made at just over 100' in Windermere and noticed something in upper left
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Posted by IRC Kevin
Aug 10, 2009
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